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How Trampoline Park Faces the Great "Coronavirus"?

Updated:2020-03-13 03:33:00

In the course of a large number of venue investigations, we found that many trampoline venues actually have little problem living. Instead, through this epidemic, we have encouraged everyone to do more self-renovation.    I. Prediction of epidemic development and industry impact in trampoline park industry This was a relatively large turbulent event, and many people were suddenly snored, resulting in misjudgments and even losing their own judgment. It seems very vague about how it will develop in the future, and it seems that it can only be left to rest. We have found that those stores that have achieved good results are based on some correct predictions.

1. Prediction of epidemic development

Based on personal prediction, based on the SARS situation, the outbreak should be expected for at least half a year. The outbreak may end at the end of February and begin to subside in March. It may take half a year to recover. The epidemic period varies from place to place, and the specific opening time is subject to government arrangements.

From this, we can come back to the resume time of the venue:

Government policy documents show that in the first and the second of February, enterprises resume work. It is expected that after March, if there is no cluster epidemic, approved enterprises and factories will basically resume work.

Second, the epidemic situation was controlled from April to May, and the school started later. The length of summer vacation will also affect us to some extent.

Then it was our turn to resume work in the amusement industry. All venues were strictly controlled before the emergency plan was lifted, so the trampoline park may be in the end.

2. Prediction of the impact of the epidemic on the trampoline park industry

① SARS is the period of macroeconomic upward trend, and the new crown is the period of macroeconomic downward trend.

During the SARS period, the entire Chinese economy is in a period of rapid growth; with this new crown, domestic economic growth has declined in recent years. But people still need to socialize, they still need to get together with friends after the epidemic is over, and children still need to play.

After the development in recent years, the overall format of the trampoline park has been quite formed, and the customer experience has also formed a certain habit. So we believe that the market can recover quickly after the epidemic.

② Correctly treat short-term passenger flow peaks.

After the epidemic has subsided and the public has rebuilt, there will be a peak in passenger traffic. We need to look at this phenomenon correctly. This phenomenon does not belong to a rebound growth, but everyone needs a certain amount of play time. After a few months of leisure, they go to the playground at the same time.

③ It is a one-time loss and a non-deferred loss.

Our industry attribute is experiential consumption, not necessary for daily life. No one came in the previous months, it was a one-off loss, not a deferred loss, and it would not accumulate in the next few months.

④ Conservative financial strategy and active business strategy.

In general, the trampoline park is expected to have a little performance from February to May, and it will be officially up after June. So in this half year, we have to live. In the second half of this year, we will also be affected indirectly. Therefore, it is recommended that all trampoline parks adopt conservative financial strategies and active business strategies this year.

2. Survival is the first program

First of all, if we are to survive, it is very important to understand whether our cash stock can support May or even June or July. For relatively difficult trampoline parks, it is recommended to do extreme open source throttling.

In business, profit = revenue-expense. Expenses include: rent accounting for approximately 50% or higher, salary accounting for approximately 25%, utilities, taxes, marketing expenses, etc. At present, there is not much room for open source, so we must achieve extreme savings in terms of savings.

Rent negotiation

Regarding rents, the state has issued a lot of policies. For example, Zhejiang and Shanghai issued a rent reduction policy for state-owned enterprises or administrative institutions, which was rent-free in February and halved in March and April.

Rent negotiation tips

For private or individual enterprises, we must use the "Community of Destiny" to make sense, and try our best to negotiate with our properties or owners, but it is not recommended to take extraordinary measures. As we get better, the mall will also get better. In this special period, we should join hands and work together.

If some owners are tough, we can use some legal means:

As long as there is a force majeure clause in the contract we concluded at that time, we can use it. According to Article 117 of the Contract Law, when force majeure occurs, we can partially or completely waive responsibility, and the epidemic situation is also affected by force majeure.

And Article 26 of the Judicial Interpretation of Contract Law mentioned that the conclusion of the contract at that time was unforeseeable and was not a force majeure, but it was a major change in business risk. Because it was unfair, we could appropriately change or terminate it based on the principle of fairness. It really doesn't work, we can also adopt deferred payment and live first.

Payroll processing

Due to the epidemic situation, all venues are basically closed for more than one month. According to labor law, we pay employees basic salary at more than 70% of the local minimum wage. But after all, it is our own employees. If the basic salary for the employees is low and the overall benefits before the venue are ok, we can give more appropriately.

For employees who have already started telecommuting, based on the benefits, we normally pay wages. For relatively difficult venues, the boss can communicate with the store manager and supervisor, and the senior executives pay in stages to understand each other.

The boss should stand in the perspective of the employee, considering that the employee has various expenses such as mortgage, rent, living expenses, transportation and communication expenses, etc. The employee must also stand in the perspective of the boss and understand that "there is something in the pot, only in the bowl". Only temporary difficulties can lead to a better future. The general principle is to discuss and discuss in advance.

3. Policy subsidies

Pay attention to the venue's local policies to help enterprises benefit enterprises, delay in paying taxes and social security, loan interest deductions, job stabilization subsidies and other policies.

Actively prepare to break through

Only when the tide recedes did you know who was "naked". The crisis is like the tide is coming. When the tide gradually subsides, the people and things of "naked swimming" are stranded on the beach.

The same thing, if we do it earlier and more proactively than others, we can get the opportunity ahead of time. The performance of the venue in the second half of this year is determined by our actions today, so we must take the initiative and now we must make some positive preparations after opening the door.

1. The team moves early

In unusual times, the store manager, supervisor and other senior management team must take collective responsibility for leading the venue, not solely rely on the boss alone. If some stores have more employees, you can also look for some possible revenue.

Team mobilization tips

For example, if the store has no revenue, employees can open their own member community resources to deliver some daily necessities or food, girls take orders at the office or at home, and boys buy and distribute outside. There are also tens of thousands of dollars in revenue a day, a month's profit is considerable, and employees can be paid.

The most important thing is to motivate employees. After such an event, the entire staff team will be more cohesive and the team culture will be more united.

The store manager, supervisor, and marketing department can start to plan our customer operations and marketing plans in advance. You can also share some learning with employees, such as searching for some free or paid courses on the Himalayas, and some courses such as Disney's Magic Kingdom, which are very helpful for employees to learn about venue services.

"The quickest way to abandon a person is to let him sit idle." To mobilize all employees to conduct weekly group learning and group sharing through online office tools such as Nail, practice has proven that the mobilization and learning effect is good.

 2. Member-centric operations

① Customer inventory

During the epidemic, we just happened to calm down and take stock of all customers who passed our cash register system and management system.

For example: last year, tens of thousands of passengers, these customers are classified according to "consumption above XX yuan and consumption below XX yuan" for consumption; according to "parent-child consumption, group building consumption, party consumption, business friends party consumption, etc." To divide the type; to divide the area according to whether the customer "comes over a few kilometers or came over a long distance" ...

Then we continue to operate these customers in a hierarchical and community-based operation to accurately build our customer pool. After the epidemic has passed, what you are doing now will help you to set aside far from other competitors.


Care after inventory is an important step in member-centric operation.

We need one-to-one communication for the resources of customers or large companies with higher consumption. We can also reduce the loss of our original customers through communities, circle of friends, public account articles, etc.

We conducted a survey and paid attention to the public numbers of hundreds of venues, and found that only about half of the venues issued notifications in the public number, and only a few venues would send relevant customer exchange information in the public number article to the customers Valuable interactive content, such as exercise at home, proper epidemic prevention, parent-child games, and more. This is the difference in customer churn.

③Improving brand recognition through content

Articles on public accounts and circles of friends must all reflect the core values and perspectives of our brand, output content to our customers, and build customer trust in our brand.

There are four steps in brand formation: recognition, recognition, experience, and sharing. First of all, we must let customers know us and recognize what we are talking about before we can enter the store experience. After the experience, they are willing to help us share it.

If customers are willing to share, it means that our venue brand has become a word of mouth in his heart. Therefore, during the epidemic, we can do "knowledge" and "approval" to customers, and come and experience after the epidemic.

④ Maintaining old customers while preparing for developing new customers

We need to continue to output content, maintain our old customers, and also prepare for the development of new customers. What about developing new customers?

For example: For the trampoline park, the vibrato platform has made a significant contribution. Some venues have also begun preparatory work through vibrato live broadcasts, doing some live broadcast sharing.

Some venues with a distribution platform can cooperate with different industries during the epidemic, and store distribution strategies. After the epidemic ended, the pace of developing new customers was naturally one step faster than other competitors.

3. Store project adjustment and upgrade

It is foreseeable that after the epidemic, people will pay more attention to health. Therefore, I personally think that trampoline venues should have fun and interactive sports and health programs to increase the characteristics of our venues.

If the competition around our venues is large, we want to win the passenger flow, either the largest area or the most features, or our venues have relatively outstanding entertainment projects. We can make arrangements during the epidemic.

4. Store Security Management

After the epidemic, everyone may pay great attention to the venue whether it is safe to enter and play in the venue. During the epidemic, we can also make plans in advance and actively prepare for battle in advance.

For example: employee health certification, employee daily training (speech and daily operating standards), improve and improve sanitation and disinfection standards in various regions, arrange important emergency plans in advance, and strive to create a "safe" brand impression for customers.