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Liben Hangzhou Large Trampoline Park

Updated:2020-04-30 11:39:08


The scale of Hangzhou Magic Park has reached 9,000 square meters and is located in the future science and technology city of Yuhang District. From the planning of trampoline equipment to the overall plan of the venue environment, the Magic Park has a bright and cool style. The project with super rich and high configuration has been built as a production site for Internet celebrities and a holy place for walking babies. The museum integrates sports, fitness, decompression, and entertainment. Tik-tok 1000W+ likes, it can be called a paradise for sports lovers!

Jumping Tower

Climb up, stand up, the point is do you dare to jump out? Take up the courage, let yourself go, and experience the unspeakable excitement! Bang bang bang! Heartbeat warning ahead! Fly out, reach out and hug the boxing bag, just like jumping down from a three-story building, making the player's adrenaline soar in minutes!

Climbing Walls

The climbing area includes arts climbings, astroball climbing and stairway to heaven climbing. Different shapes bring different game play experience, suitable for players of all ages to challenge. While exercising the strength of your limbs, you can also get a glimpse of the "scenery" in the venue from a high place.

Slides Combination

The combination of vertical slide and wave-shaped slide is a fun attraction that both children and adults like. The charm of the crazy slide is that it is extremely exciting and addictive. The "chipping" suddenly reached the ground from a height='auto' rea~ After sliding down, I was in shock, but I wanted to do it again!

Donut Slide

The U-shaped donut slide is the most thrilling project in the park. It takes a lot of courage to dash down from a height='auto' rea of 8 meters, reach the lowest point and fly again, and experience the feeling of rushing to the bottom of the slide and flying. , The player rides on the donut tube and lands on the inflatable airbag smoothly without danger amidst the screams.

Honeycomb Trampoline

The honeycomb trampoline has changed from the traditional square shape and formed a honeycomb look with a grid of hexagons. It has a cute shape and rich colors. It is very popular with children and fairies, but it is an excellent choice for concave shape.

Trampoline Boxing

Trampoline + boxing! Dare to challenge? Put on giant boxing gloves, burst into your small universe, attack your opponent, be careful of your fists, and be careful of the trampoline under your feet. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you will not be knocked down by your opponent, but fall into the arms of the trampoline.

Tap Tap Fun

1v1 battle or 2v2 fierce battle, fast and passionate game, coupled with a tense sound effect background, what is required is eye problems and quick hands. You can move your muscles and bones and develop your left and right brains, and be a baby with all aspects of development.

Spider Wall

Jumping and sticking to the soft magic wall, like spiderman in the American blockbuster, it's very exciting. As the saying goes, as long as the posture is handsome, everyone in the circle of friends loves it, and the net celebrity trampoline sticks to the wall, which is a good project that makes people love it!

Free Jump

It is generally designed at the entrance of the trampoline area. After warming up, you can spin and jump, and then you can go jumping with joy. If you feel that the free bounce zone is not challenging enough, you can add soft obstacles and jump here to increase the difficulty.

Since it is a holy place for team building and online celebrity trampoline halls, of course, it must have a large background picture, eye-catching LOGO, and iconic check-in evidence, which not only meets the needs of players to check-in and take pictures, but also invisibly makes free publicity for the venue.

Dodgeball Zone

The dodge ball uses soft air volleyball. Two or more people are divided into two groups, and the ball in their hands attacks the opponent players in the court. As long as they are hit, they will be eliminated. So be careful and concentrate. If you are not in the game, you will be hit in the face by the ball and you will not feel happy. Dodgeball is a sport that tests "fight and escape response".

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